We are SEO, Google Ads, Web Development, and Social Media Marketing Experts

Search Engine Optimization

We are so confident in our SEO services that that we do not lock our clients into an annual contract. Earning your business month-to-month, is good enough for us.

Website Design

View our Website Design Portfolio We have a dedicated website design team right here in Calgary.

Pay-per-click/Google Ads

Most business owners would be shocked to learn that about half of their Google Ads budget is wasted. Lazy "marketing agencies" just used a “set it and forget it strategy.”

Social Media Marketing

We cater to businesses that have modest social media needs. Most of our clients have social media budgets under $2000 a month with a typical budget of only $400/month (enough to get them 50 posts across FaceBook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter (X), Reddit, Pinterest, etc.

Video Production

We have produced hundreds of videos for business in Calgary. From in-house training videos, construction safety, not-for-profit, and website content items. We can bring the sound, lighting, green screen, and camera!

Marketing Management

Don't have the $150,000+ budget to hire a good marketing manager? Put David Howse's 30+ years of marketing expertise to work at a fraction of the cost. Monthly engagements start at as little as $2000 per month.

marketing consultant construction industry
With our heavy civil SAAS client Vizzn at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023. The next show is March 3, 2026.

What We Do

Digital and Traditional Marketing Services

Matterhorn Business Solutions is a Calgary-based Marketing Services and Business Consulting company. We provide integrated digital marketing services from Google Ad campaigns, social media services, search engine optimization (SEO), website design, video production and more.

Our business consulting side focuses on business plan writing, feasibility studies, viability studies, and market research.

What excatly do we do?

We are marketers first. Digital marketing simply provides one set of tactics that we use. Everything we do is based in the fundamentals of sound marketing theory.

Why Choose Us

Some excellent reasons to call us!

Why Choose Matterhorn as your Marketing Agency?

  • Our #1 concern is in increasing your revenue – our mission is to bring potential customers to you. The actual tactic is only a consequence.
  • We don’t require a contract
  • We provide monthly reports with an online face-to-face meeting
  • David Howse, 31-year marketing expert, manages your SEO
  • David has 17 years of marketing experience in Alberta – he knows the market!
  • David teaches SEO, Google Ads, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Word-of-Mouth Marketing at Mount Royal University – he is a trusted expert.
  • David is regularly used by Calgary media – he is a respected marketing expert
  • We excel at closely integrating your website design and Google Ads with SEO
  • We will make sure your Google Ads aren’t on top of your ranked SEO terms
  • We’ll make sure you get the most out of your website; whether your website is 4, 10, 20, or 100+ pages, we’ll maximize your traffic and conversions. 
  • Pick up your phone and call us – we can help you reach your marketing goals

Meet Some Of Our Happy Customers

See why they love us so much!

“Our relationship started with David Howse in 2011 using his incredible marketing and PR skills. Matterhorn became a game changer for us in the construction industry.”

SEO agency customer reviews

Bill Borger

Borger Group of Companies

“Matterhorn Business Solutions has helped our company become more profitable. They build us two mobile friendly websites and provide SEO services that have significantly increased our bookings. We have worked with David at Matterhorn Solutions since 2014 and without hesitation I would recommend him to other Calgary businesses. Matterhorn is an extremely trustworthy and competent company when it comes to marketing services.”

marketing agency customer reviews

Larry & Stacy Smith

Rocky Point Academy

“David is an exceptional marketer. I've used his services for over 3 years and I can confidently say that his SEO knowledge and expertise is first-class.”

marketing agency customer reviews

Jaime Rasmussen


“David has helped Vizzn grow our presence in the heavy construction marketplace. He has been there from the start to assure we are taking the right steps to reach our audience. David is accessible, responsive and keenly aware of our business needs and objectives.”

SEO agency customer reviews

Craig Fuss

CMO, Vizzn
Chicago, Illinois

“David is a creative genius, there’s no doubt about that! We started working with David back in May of 2007. Since those early days, he has easily 10x'd our revenue.”

SEO agency customer reviews

Trevor Cawston

Cawston & Associates

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Frequently asked questions

The process is very simple. If you're a realtor in Calgary, there are over 1000 other realtors who want to rank on the first page of Google. To do that, your SEO efforts have to be better that 990 other brokers. This is an example of a high competition search. On the other hand, you might be a physiotherapist in Grande Prairie or a car repair shop in Camrose - competition is much lower so you might only need a $500 a month budget for that level of SEO.

Public Relations in Action: An interview with CBC's Meghan Grant. It was an early Sunday morning, back in the days when The Roadhouse could never catch a break from local media. We here hired to manage public relations. The outcome of our engagement was night and day from the establishment's previous experiences.
Public Relations in Action: An interview with CBC's Meghan Grant. It was an early Sunday morning, back in the days when The Roadhouse could never catch a break from local media. We here hired to manage public relations. The outcome of our engagement was night and day from the establishment's previous experiences.

All Pricing is Custom Per Your BUSINESS Needs

Here are a few pricing examples

Search Engine Optimization


500 to 3000


  • Onsite SEO
  • Off Site SEO incl. backlink building
  • Content Writing
  • Monthly reports
  • Includes free social media plan
  • Includes small budget Google Ads

Google Ads

Starting at




  • non-shopping cart advertising
  • Search and Display
  • Proper Targeting*
  • Monthly Updates
  • Monthly Reporting

*People who claim to be PPC experts but don’t actually have a background in marketing, tend to make a complete mess of targeting – which means most of your ad budget is wasted. 

Social Media Marketing

Starting at




  • Profile Setup
  • 50 posts per month
  • Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Reporting

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