10 SEO Techniques To Double Your Search Traffic

calgary seo expertDo you have a website and would like to be top-ranked in the search engines? Everyone wants to create good content that is interesting to their readers. However, ranking on the first-page of Google search is not always easy. 

A website with a high volume of search engine traffic is likely a website with great content. 

This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. It helps your content rank on top as viewers search on a keyword related to your content.

Here are some SEO techniques to help you double your search traffic:

1.      Understand Your Viewers’ Interests

You need to know what content interests your customers. If the content is good, customers will start flooding in. It may start with a few who will recommend your content to other viewers. Always take into consideration what your viewers recommend. Some may be negative but always look at the bright side. Use their critique to better yourself.

2.      Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Not everyone has access to a desktop. Most people use their phones to search for keywords. Therefore, ensure that your website is accessible to all viewers, including those using mobile phones. Meaning that it should work perfectly when using mobile phones. This will be a boost to your search rankings. Consider hiring a website designer.

3.      Use Infographics

infographics help SEOAn infographic is a picture with some information on it. It helps your viewers understand complex information. It’s also appealing to viewers and eye captivating. When viewers are reading through your content, infographics help them get an overview to process the information faster.

4.      Clear Content

Research shows that websites, where the owners write wordy content do better. The words should range between 1300-1500. However, don’t forget that good content should have the best quality. This works by covering valuable details on that particular topic. Viewers want to get the best from a single post.

5.      Write Roundup Content

When you combine information from different perspectives, the end content will be quality. Rounding up means interviewing various people to come up with rich content. It’s not only an easy task but also very rewarding. Always interview experts in the field you are researching.

6.      Create Valuable Content

Many factors determine the credibility of the content.  First, your content should be readable. This will include the writing styles and fonts.  Secondly, use relevant keywords. This allows your readers to navigate easily when reading your posts. Finally, leave a link to your website, which your viewers can share or direct to your website. Hiring a content writer could help.

7.      Link Your Website To Sites With High Domain Authority

Websites with high domain authority have many viewers. For instance, you can cite a certain website as your source of information. You could also request them to link back to your site by sending them an email. You can get these high domain authority sites on AllTop. Since they have many viewers, using the linking trick could land you huge traffic on your site.

8.      Use Competitors’ SEO Keywords

Researching on high-ranking competitors’’ keywords can be rewarding.  You can sign for their newsletter, which will equip you with knowledge. You will learn their marketing strategies and establish their weak points. This way, you will improve your website, allowing you to rank higher.

9.      Use Multiple SEO Keywords In Page Titles

You should ensure that all page titles contain keywords. Your page title is important in that it appears when viewers google keywords related to it. Using multiple keywords will assist you in appearing in most searches. However, ensure that the keywords make sense to the viewers else, it’ll become a drawback.

10.   Update Old Content On Your Website

You might have been blogging for 5 months or more. Meaning that your website is very rich in content. Some of the content may still be generating organic traffic. You can update it to make it more relevant and interesting to your viewers. It’ll help you rank higher on search engines.


If you want to be ranked top, you must work your way up. Since there is high competition, always ensure your site stands out. Use the tips above to help you double your search traffic. Please keep it simple but interesting. Finally, get more material and become the best.