Application Integration

Application Integration Services

Application & Data Integration is the process of connecting your systems and giving them rules on how to interact with each other. We build “integration services” or “micro apps” which listen to your systems (applications and datastores) in the background and perform prescribed tasks when they hear a particular event. calgary application integration

Using this approach, we are able to replace the manual effort applied by your human employee with an integration service running in the background. Any time you have a “data chore”, there is an opportunity for an improvement like this.

Your data should work for you.

With Matterhorn Business Solutions, it does!

What is a “data chore”?

A Data Chore is any activity involving your data that you (or someone on your team) do repeatedly without much imagination or input. It really is a chore. The only reason you are doing it at all is because you are unaware of a better way.

What is an “integration service”?

An “integration service” is a small program or “micro app” which listens to your systems in the background. When it hears a particular event (ie. a customer purchase, a new employee hire, or the clock striking midnight), it begins its work doing the task that you used to do manually.

Advantages of Using an Integration Service

  • increased accuracy
  • increased reliability
  • reduced cost per task (cheaper than the human approach)
  • saves human time for more valuable tasks (something that requires human judgement)

Generic Examples of Improvement Opportunities

  1. You routinely enter the same data in two or more systems
  2. You regularly export data from one system in an Excel or CSV file and import it into another system
  3. You manually consolidate the results from two or more Excel workbooks into a single summary report
  4. You wait for a notification or email giving you approval to start a process in another system
  5. At the end of each day, you pull a list of customer transactions from one system so that you can input it into one or more other systems
  6. You want a process in one of your systems to automatically start a related process in one or more other systems

What Applications Can we Integrate?

Just About All of Them

calgary data integration excel

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