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Process Automation is a method of streamlining current business processes, which today require heavy human involvement, and automating it so that the human interaction is minimized to necessary tasks only.

We build “automation services” that handle all the tasks that don’t require human interaction – reminder notifications, escalations, validations, and system integration. The end goal is to minimize the amount of work which a human worker has to do, as well as the total time it takes for a process to reach completion.

Focus on the good stuff, let us automate the rest.

Understanding Process Automation

The Old WayThe New Way:

The Old Way:

You are having a promotion on your website to attract new customers and retain existing customers. Jane, a potential customer, visits your website and decides she wants to sign up for the promotion; she fills out a form on your webpage.Process Automation

The form sends an email to a mailbox set up for this promotion which is currently overflowing with requests from other customers!

Your employees are processing these emails as fast as they can. “Processing” includes the following steps:

  1. Validating if the customer is a new or returning customer
  2. If new:
    1. Recording the customer information into a CRM system (like Salesforce)
    2. Creating a new user account on your website
    3. Applying the “Brand New Customer” discount rate of 50%
  3. If returning:
    1. Update the CRM with the customer’s response to your promotion
    2. Update the customer’s existing user account with the “Returning Customer” discount rate of 25%
    3. Sending an email to the customer informing them of their new promotional discount rate

These processing steps take an employee an average of 6 minutes per transaction. Jane, who is 100th on the list of customers who have responded to the promotion, should receive her confirmation email the next day.

The New Way:

You are having the same promotion on your website. Jane visits your website and decides she wants to sign up for the promotion; she fills out the form on your webpage.Calgary process automation

The form initiates a process which begins with an email to the employee responsible for managing the promotion. The email has all the customer specifics but has also been enriched with additional, relevant information – the customer’s status as a new or returning customer and the customer’s total spending with the company. The process already fetched this information from your transaction and customer management systems. In a glance, the employee has insights that would have taken minutes of switching between systems to find out before.

The employee clicks the link in the email to approve the customer for the promotion. The process continues with all the processing steps outlined above, and, nearly instantaneously, the customer is receiving their confirmation email.

These processing steps take about 10 seconds of the employee’s time (review and click approve). Jane, who is expecting to see the promotion take effect the following day, has a confirmation email within minutes!
The previous example was specific to a retail business but the same framework applies to any process which is currently managed with email chains or paper trails.

Our pricing model reflects our value that technology should work for you for less than the cost of a human worker doing the equivalent task. This applies to all of our service offerings.