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Steps to starting a digital marketing campaign

October 15, 2020

Below is an email I just sent to a Calgary client who wants to start a digital marketing campaign to increase market share of one of his services.


10 Points of a Digital Marketing Campaign

Hi Calgary Business Owner,

Have you had time to think about how you want your digital marketing campaign to operate?

Here are 10 questions to get things started. To run an effective campaign, this is the necessary information needed. We can skip parts but each part skipped will decrease the quality of the campaign. I’ll call you tomorrow to review these items.

  1. What is the goal of the campaign? Please be specific with numbers such as (website visits, phone calls, number of new clients, total sales volume, etc.) if the goal is, “increase service-x market share” then from what percent to what percent?
  2. What is the start and end date of the campaign?
  3. Will the campaign be run in phases as discussed? Eg:
    1. Phase 1: Promote Brand and Company
    2. Phase 2: Case study
    3. Phase 3: Here’s a solution
    4. Phase: We should meet to do a security audit for you
      (each step we run a 2 week sub campaign?) 
  4. In each of the 4 Phases above, what is the start and end date?
  5. What is the Googe Ad budget and the Facebook budget for each phase?
  6. What Geographic targeting do we use for Google and Facebook?
  7. What search targeting do we use for Google? and What kinds of people do we target on Facebook (President, operations manager, vp operations, general manager, etc) ?
  8. What message are we promoting in each phase? This is about the ad design and message: For Google (limited to 90 characters in 3 sets of 30 characters) For facebook, one main image, one title, about 300 characters.
  9. What pages on your website are the ads linking to? Do we set up a special landing page? If we set up a landing page, what is the content?
  10. What are we measuring at the end of the campaign (see back to goals in step 1).


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At Matterhorn, we have been running digital marketing campaigns since 2008. We setup and operate marketing campaigns for small businesses with one employee to multi-billion-dollar corporations; the fundamentals of these campaigns are all the same.

Call us if you would like to see how cost effective digital marketing can be for your business.