Our Alberta Digital Marketing Package

digital marketing services Calgary

As Calgary’s premiere marketing company, we are offering to a very limited number of Alberta-based businesses, an incredible first-year monthly rate.

A sample package could be:  $2225/month (for the first 12 months) digital marketing package*. Each month you get:

  • SEO – value $1500
  • Google Ads Management – value $500
  • Google and Social Media Ads $250 (yes, we’ll pay for the first $250 in ads each month on Google, Facebook, and or Twitter)
  • Social Media management – value $1000.
  • Content writing for your website – value $500.
  • Website updates and conversion rate optimization – value $250
  • Brand/Image management (we will monitor multiple “review” websites for what people are saying about you and how they are rating you). We will then give you tips to improve your online reviews and ratings – value $250.
  • Digital press release writing and submission – value $250.

Total value $4500 per month.

The fine print: (1)Your business must have an existing website and established branding. New businesses or those will little or no existing website content can still take part in this offer with an initial $1000 setup fee. Some businesses may not qualify for this offer (real estate agents, car dealers, and a few other highly competitive industries. Just an FYI, the top real estate agents and car dealerships spend well over $20,000 per month on digital marketing). (3) We may refuse service if we feel you are not ready for our services; for example, (a) you are under staffed (b) your accountant thinks $2000 may be more than your business can afford (c) someone on your management team thinks this offer will be an over-night success. (4) After the first 12 months of providing this service to you, the price will return to our normal rate of $4500/month but you are not obligate to continue the service then or even after each month of the initial 12-month discount period. (5) Contract is month-to-month where you can end the service agreement at ANY time with 30 days notice. 

SEO Tactics

Each month, or as needed, we will review the following 33 points to ensure you receive amazing SEO services value. Keep in mind, some of these areas will require your permission before we execute the tactic. For example, we will write content for you but will not post it on your website until you review and approve it

  1. website architecture review (proper design, coding, CMS/backend setup)
  2. server configuration analysis (DNS, speed, Ram, I/O, disk space reviews)
  3. SEO keyword research
  4. website navigation and link naming
  5. title tags
  6. description tags
  7. Proper website content syntax (h1,h2, h3, lists, image use, etc.)
  8. photo/image file names
  9. photo/image alt tags
  10. photo/image title tags
  11. white hat / Google Approved Link Building Strategies
  12. content creating (yes, we’ll write for you!)
  13. outbound links (the kind that help your website instead of hurting it)
  14. SEO citations and other off-page SEO techniques
  15. inbound links (from relevant and reputable sources – we do not create spam links)
  16. keyword promotion on each page (bold, italics, underline, etc.)
  17. keyword strategies on each page (frequency, placement, context).
  18. Site Map creating and registration to Google
  19. website speed optimization
  20. Robots.txt creation
  21. Google registration to get early warnings of SEO issues and areas for improvement
  22. Contact forms and contact information to improve your websites conversion rate (the thing that makes your phone ring more often)
  23. Set up and monitor Google Analytics
  24. Security to reduce hack attempts
  25. Security to reduce malicious code injections
  26. Depending on your current website we may be able to convert it to WordPress
  27. Depending on your current website we may be able to convert it become mobile friendly
  28. Social Media Marketing (we will post to Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook each week with a link back to your website)
  29. hosting/server analysis to ensure your hosting account is not blacklisted or having its speed throttled by your host
  30. monthly analysis of backlink information (back link count, average strength, link/anchor text)
  31. backlink information (number, quality, and anchor text info)
  32. SEO and Google Ad coordination (to insure we are not placing Google ads on top of searches for which you already rank on the first page)
  33. Constant SEO research to ensure we are up-to-date with our SEO strategies

Social Media

  1. Create new banners for up to 5 social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  2. A once a week post on 3 social media channels including the creation of 52 unique graphics to run for the year
  3. Links in each post back to your website 
  4. Hashtag research
  5. Engage with up to 10 other relevant pages (for example, your business partners’ pages)

Google Ads Management

  1. Setup 1 campaign
  2. Setup up to 10 geographic targets (postal codes, city, province, etc)
  3. Research and monitor up to 50 search terms
  4. Create 5 ad designs
  5. Optimize cost-per-click
  6. Conversion tracking
  7. and more 

Public Relations

  1. Write two press releases in a 12-month period
    1. Max 3 hours (you provide the press release or we write it for you)
  2. Digital submission and distribution to over 500 outlets
  3. Reporting on distribution

*Everyone’s marketing needs are different so if above offer doesn’t fit your needs, we’ll create something that does. The above represents our lowest price package but we can do much more to help you get ahead of your competition.