The 2016 Calgary Industrial Marketing Report

Topic: Digital marketing analysis of Calgary industrial and commercial businesses measuring Social Media Marketing, SEO, Website, and other factors.

Calgary Digital Marketing Research Report 2016

In May of 2016 we analyzed 600 industrial and commercial businesses in Calgary on the following factors:

    • Website
    • Website Value
    • Claimed Google Map
    • Claimed Google Map Value
    • Photos
    • Photos Value
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  • Does Website Have Google Analytics
  • Does Website Have Google Analytics Value
  • Facebook
  • Are you on Facebook?
  • Facebook Value
  • Twitter
  • Are you on Twitter?
  • Twitter Value
  • Google+
  • Google+ Value
  • On Google+?
  • LinkedIn
  • On LinkedIn?
  • LinkedIn Value
  • # of Facebook Likes
  • # of Facebook Likes Value
  • Last Facebook Post
  • # of Facebook Posts in past 90 days
  • # of Facebook Posts in the past 90 days Value
  • # of Twitter Followers
  • # of Twitter Followers Value
  • # following on Twitter
  • # following on Twitter Value
  • Date of Last Tweet
  • Pinterest
  • On Pinterest?
  • Pinterest Value
  • Boards
  • Boards Value
  • Pins
  • Pins Value
  • Likes
  • Likes Value
  • Followers
  • Followers Value
  • Following
  • Following Value
  • Tumblr
  • Tumblr Value
  • HomePage Meta Title
  • HomePage Meta Title Value
  • Website Home Page Meta Description
  • Website Home Page Meta Description Value
  • SEO Score (from free online SEO tool)
  • SEO Score Value
  • SEO Rank
  • Assessing Meta titles/descriptions & general notes
  • Rank

This report contains the most in-depth analysis of marketing for industrial and commercial companies ever conducted in Calgary. With over 50 data points and measurements, the challenge became, “what data can and should be compared?”

Calgary marketing strategies what creates trust

Here are ten interesting facts for the 600 businesses analyzed:

  1. 40% of Calgary’s industrial and commercial businesses do not have a website.
  2. 52% did not claim their Google Map.
  3. 43% of the websites did not have Google Analytics installed. This means:
  4. 43 out of every 100 businesses have little to no idea how their website is helping their business, and
  5. 43 out of every 100 businesses have little to no idea as to which changes could be made to improve their website to gain more business.
  6. 68% of businesses are on Facebook.
  7. About 5% of businesses in our research abuse Facebook and have thousands of fake followers and likes. This strategy can create a perception of dishonesty.
  8. Of those on Facebook, the average number of posts in the past 90 days is 22. The reality is, a few businesses post frequently while most post less than once a week.
  9. 35% of businesses are on Twitter.
  10. About 20% of businesses lose potential clients on the first phone call because:
    1. There is no receptionist or an answering service is not used
    2. Voicemail is not set up
    3. Voicemail does not identify the business

This research also highlighted a large divide between Calgary businesses.

There was a large gap between companies that did a good job in marketing and those that did a poor job. Combining half of the businesses that did not have a website with those that scored poorly in this research, about 75% of Calgary industrial and commercial businesses should seek help with their marketing.

If your business is not in the top 25% of the above categories, then it is likely that your competition is beating you in acquiring new customers. If growth is important to you (or even maintaining your market share) we can help. Many commercial and industrial businesses treat marketing as an after-thought. Having a Calgary-based marketer with years of experience in commercial and industrial marketing can make your business stand out over your competition.

Call David Howse at 403-991-8863 or email to discuss this report, Calgary industrial marketing and some options to help grow your business.