Infomania and the IT Department’s Role

Calgary Infomaniacs at Work


We have all heard of computer viruses but what about Internet diseases? One such disease is known as infomania and it’s hitting company’s bottom lines. Matterhorn Business Solutions has been consulting for years on computer productivity for several Calgary companies. Here is our take on Calgary infomaniacs at work.
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If you have a habit of repeatedly checking messages and notifications on your phone or on your computer, you’re probably suffering from infomania.


In this article, I will give you a short introduction to infomania. Then I will walk you through its side effects, and at the end of this article, I will explain how you can start to get rid of it.


What is infomania?

Infomania is the urge to check for information on the Internet so often that it disrupts your daily course of activities.  The term “infomania” is appropriate especially when you have a habit of always checking email, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

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Infomania will kill your productivity

While you’re at work, you should try to cut distractions as much as you can. Facebook, email, Whatsapp, etc. can greatly distract you from your work and reduces your ability to work attentively. If you regularly get interrupted by messages and notifications then you won’t be able to concentrate on your work. Therefore, interruptions caused by infomania will drain your productivity.


A study conducted by Basex Inc. in 2005 finds that US companies lose an estimated $588 billion every year due to these interruptions.


Infomania will disrupt your social life

If you check for messages and notifications while you’re having a conversation, the other person will think that you’re not interested in the conversation or that you don’t value him/her. Besides this, infomania will make you more interested in the virtual world and less interested in the real world. Thus, it can damage your social life.


How to control infomania

If you have infomania, don’t worry because you’re not alone. The majority of Internet users are suffering from infomania. The following tips can help you solve this problem.


  • First, you have to realize that infomania is a problem. You have to understand that this is not good. If you think this is normal, the issue can’t be fixed.
  • Try to live more in the real world, because the real world is much BETTER than the virtual world. If you’re living mostly in the real world, your problem is almost solved.
  • Develop a habit of checking email, Facebook, etc. only a few times during the day. Whenever you feel the urge to check for messages or updates, distract yourself and keep yourself busy with something else. Then the urge will vanish eventually. This process may be hard at the beginning, but over time, it will become easy.
  • If work emails are reducing productivity, a directive may need to come from top-level management that empowers employees to check emails once every 30 minutes but not more.
  • Your company’s IT department can throttle email to once every 30 minutes on your computers and, if you have MDM solutions, mobile device email management can regulate emails across your company.
  • It might be worth while for your organization to investigate cloud-based team collaboration tools such as Slack. If you have no need for outside emails, then operating on Slack will stop spam and reduce your emails by creating easy to follow team discussions instead of replying to 20 emails on one question.


This article gave you a short explanation of infomania, its side effects, and its solution. Keep in mind that infomania is not a major disease, it’s very common and can easily be fixed. Don’t get scared by the name.