IT Operation Support

IT Support Services

We know we are only one of many Calgary IT Companies so we have made it a mission to provide the best possible I.T. support service in Calgary. Below is a partial list of our services.

Basic I.T. Services

Basic I.T. ServicesDescription
Essential IT SupportOur I.T. technicians and network operating centre systems engineers are on-call to solve your I.T. issues and special projects such as software development, training, or application integration.


Anti-virus MonitoringWe can protect your network and employee's computers from
Anti-Virus, Anit-Ransomeware, Anti-Malware, and other forms of protection.


Managed Platform and Software UpdatesMicrosoft and other vendors regularly update their software but rarely are these updates installed in network environments. We can fix this.


Help DeskImagine if all of your employees has a phone number they could call to get computer support when they needed it and with the solution they need. We are that help desk.


Process AutomationSome IT companies charge an hourly rate on processes that should be automated. Many of our processes are automated so events such as employee on-boarding and off-boarding are deployed quickly and with less time cost to you.


Automated and Monitored BackupTo say you have a back-up is one thing but to know it is secure and accurate is another. We use leading technologies to regularly backup your system and have fail-safes to ensure it is done correctly.


Off-Site DuplicationOur data centre offers an extra layer of protection to enable a quick recovery from a physical network disaster at your place of work.


Standards AssuranceKnowing your network meets the latest standards in security, auditing and regulatory compliance will bring you peace of mind. We will provide necessary reporting should the need arise.


High Performance I.T. Services
  • Responsive Server Management
    • Enhanced Performance Analysis
    • CPU
    • Hard Drive Space
    • Disk Queue Size
    • RAM
    • OS/Software Update Status
    • Network Connectivity
  • Key Application Monitoring and Repair
  • Active Directory Monitoring and Repair
  • Exchange Monitoring and Repair
  • Operating System Patch Management
  • 3rd Party Software Update Management
  • Regularly Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
    • Defragment Files
    • Hard Drive Physical Integrity Check
    • Delete Temporary Files
    • Firmware Update
    • Remote Access Active
    • Sync time with Domain Controller
  • License & Asset Management
  • Additional Support Billed
  • Anti-Virus Management & Monitoring
Fully Managed I.T. Services
Managed I.T. ServicesDescription
Proactive Server SupportAdvanced Performance Monitoring including:

  • CPU
  • Hard Drive Space
  • Hard Drive efficiency
  • Memory
  • Software/OS Update/Patch Status
  • Connection Status

Key Application Maintenance

  • Active Directory Maintenance
  • Exchange Maintenance

Operating System Patch Management

3rd Party Patch Management

Daily Preventative Maintenance

  • Check Disk
  • Hard Drive Defraging
  • Update Firmware
  • Remote Access Setup
  • Domain Controller Sync time
  • Delete Temp Files

License & Asset Management

Malware and Anti-Virus Monitoring & Management

Additional Support beyond all above items available


Proactive Network Support
  • 4x per year network health report
  • Firewall Maintenance and Management
  • Router Monitoring
  • Switch Monitoring
  • Additional Support available


Proactive Workstation Support
  • Availability Monitoring
  • Operating System Patch Management
  • 3rd Party Patch Management
  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
  • Anti-Virus Monitoring & Management


Managed Systems Backup
  • Configuration and Deployment of Backup
  • Performance Monitoring of Backup
  • Software Updates Backup
  • Scheduled Backup Jobs


Disaster Recovery
  • Off-Site Data Redundancy
  • Planning for Disaster Recovery



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