Calgary Marketing Research Report 2016

Calgary Industrial Commercial Marketing Research Report 2016
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In May of 2016, we conducted the largest-ever digital marketing analysis of Calgary businesses in the commercial and industrial sectors. In this report, 600 Calgary businesses’ online marketing activities are compared.


The number one desire of most business owners is for their phone to ring with a new customer inquiry.

This report was prepared by David Howse of Matterhorn Business Solutions and Social Media Marketing instructor at Mount Royal University. David has over 20 years of marketing experience and spent 8 years consulting for for Borger Group of Companies in Calgary (Alberta’s largest underground contractor).

This report analyzes your website’s strength to rank on Google and your social media marketing presence. As a B2B marketer, David has noted significant differences in strategies for industrial and commercial business in comparison to retail/B2C businesses. The question you need answered before implementing a social media strategy is:

How will social media marketing make my phone ring?

There are three reasons a potential client will call you (1) Word of Mouth / Referral (2) Internet Research resulting in a high enough trust factor for your business and (3) Traditional Marketing.
We are not going to argue that your business’ reputation and current network of clients isn’t your most important asset. What we are saying is that by improving your scores in the following report we can make potential clients view your business as more legitimate and increase the trust value of your name. Everything in sales is a derivative of trust but trust requires social proof. We can help you prove to potential clients that your business is worth the phone call.

*This report is free to commercial and industrial businesses in Calgary. If you do not meet this criteria then the complete report can be purchased for $1500. By filling out the form below and being a commercial or industrial business you will receive a summary of where your business ranks on 23 factors. Please allow 7 days to receive your report.