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The Borger App

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For us, The Borger App is directly attributable to saving hundreds of hours in unnecessary labour costs by instantly communicating to our entire company of 400+ employees what job sites are closed for the day or have delayed start times. Imagine having 30 worksites spread across Alberta with different weather conditions and the need to contact 400+ people instantly by 5am that they shouldn’t head to their job site. If we don’t inform an employee by the time they get to work, we are liable for 4 hours of employee pay. Multiply that 4 hours by 400+ employees and 30 sites on any given day with unknowable weather, the ROI on the Borger App is well over 3000% in the first 7 months.


This App is not limited to just saving labour time, but it is also a team building tool for the entire company. 95% of Borger employees use either Android or iOS phones, and this allows us to send other important information like employee events, safety updates, and other important matters.


The power of this App is only limited to your imagination and the imagination of your clients and employees. Deployment of a custom app for your or your stakeholders’ organizations can be completed in as little as 30 days.


This App is a true money saver and team builder.

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Mobile App Design Notes from Concept to Developer

Original functionality notes to the developer. Click to enlarge the image.

Mobile App Schematic Concept Notes

Mobile App Schematic Concept Notes. Click to enlarge the image.

App Functions:

  • Messaging (broadcast to all employees with categories)
  • One date sensitive event category
  • One audio (mp3) section
  • URL Bookmark Section (ie. link to employee portal)


Theme design includes:

  1. Branding on the app (theme color, logo)
  2. Custom App Name (The Borger App)


Package includes:

  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • Web-based Admin Portal
    • user management
    • sending messages
    • creating events
    • uploading links to mp3s


Optional Add-ins:

  • integration to existing web-based systems (evaluated on a case-by-case basis)
  • customization to app functionality (evaluated on a case-by-case basis)


Also Included:

  1. Management of Apple Store and Google Play Store requirements and fees