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Some of our past PR projects have included:

  1. Calgary’s Century Downs Racetrack and Casino
    1. Over an 18-month period, we managed the entire public relations efforts from the ceremonial ground breaking up to and including the first days of races.
      public relations agency Calgary press release services for Century Downs Casino
  2. Bill Borger’s $600,000 Mount Everest / Calgary Handi-Bus Fundraiser
  3. Borger Group of Companies’ “Women in the Workplace”
  4. Our Q Haute Cuisine campaign that saw the restaurant ranked #1 across Canada in client ratings
  5. Oil Ministry of Kazakhstan’s 2017 World Petroleum Congress bid
  6. Canadian Pump and Compressor
  7. Calgary Herald press releaseAndrea Kladar’s “100 For 100”

We have managed several other public relations efforts tallying many newspaper, TV, radio, and magazine articles for our clients. We also offer reputation management services to a select clientele.

Where do our press releases go?

Calgary press release service
press release writing services Calgary

Below is a partial report of our press release distribution. There are a few of the 100s of news outlets that published a press release we wrote for one of our clients

Calgary press release distribution part 1 of 2Calgary press release distribution part 2 of 2