Calgary Restaurant Digital Marketing Report

calgary restaurant digital marketing

Starting November 8, 2016 and ending in late December, we will report on our analysis of digital marketing activities of restaurants in Calgary. The report model will closely follow our Digital Marketing Report on Industrial Businesses in Calgary.

Before the final report is released we will post some interesting details here.

Calgary Restaurant Marketing Activities

  1. Our report contains 1202 restaurants in Calgary
  2. There are 583 unique restaurants in Calgary (McDonald’s, Subway, and other chains make up the bulk of the multiple locations)
  3. 881 (73%) of the 1202 restaurants report an online presence
  4. 86 restaurants consider Facebook to be their primary online presence
  5. 3 restaurants listed Trip Advisor to be their primary online presence
  6. 1 restaurant listed an iTunes Store App to be their primary online presence
  7. Some of the franchises are directing customers to their US-based website when a Canadian-based website is available

In  one or two week intervals we will update this page until we publish the full report.