Calgary Restaurant Digital Marketing Report 2017


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The complete Excel data sheet used to rank each restaurant across more than 20 variables is here: Calgary Restaurant Social Media Data The actual data from this file has been removed – if you are a restaurant owner, an individualized copy is available showing your ranking.
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Last year we ran a similar study featuring construction, commercial, and industrial companies. The biggest surprise between the two reports is that restaurants, as a whole, do a poor job of marketing themselves when compared to industrial companies.

The goal of these Social Media Infographics is to let Calgary restaurant owners know where they stand against other Calgary restaurants. We have custom reports for over 500 Calgary restaurants. Call us for your free copy. (403) 991 – 8863

Many Calgary restaurants struggle to ensuring revenues keep up with expenses. Restaurant owners often work 12 hours and days to stay in business. Marketing expenses are one of the biggest areas of waste in the budget. This waste is cause by:

  • Lack of strategy
  • Letting telephone directory companies run their marketing
  • Assigning marketing to someone not qualified
  • Not understanding marketing ROI

The restaurants’ websites were used as the main data source and with some additional research for non-linked social media profiles.

The most significant piece of data is that 63% of Calgary restaurant websites DO NOT have Google Analytics installed. This means most restaurant owners have limited knowledge on how well their website is working for their business.

Main Course

83% of Calgary restaurants are on Facebook
About 1% of Calgary restaurants do not have a website, they use Facebook as their main online presence. For the 17% of Calgary restaurants not on Facebook, you are missing out on client reviews, shares of your posts and building a community that can used for an advertising strategy.

47% of Calgary restaurants are on Twitter

  • Twitter, like Facebook boosts your trust value.
  • Twitter is used differently than Facebook, with more checking but for a shorter length on the site.
  • Some restaurants in Calgary have many fake followers and this hurts the trust factor.

39% of Calgary restaurants are on Instagram. Instagram is a photo-based social media platform.

64% of Calgary restaurants are on Google+. Google likes Google products. By using other social media platforms being on Google+ does not take much effort. Most businesses are on Google+ only because of Google’s integration with Google Maps.

15% of Calgary restaurants are on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a B2B platform and is excellent for restaurants looking to connect with other businesses to offer event and catering promotions.

7% of Calgary restaurants are on Pinterest. Pinterest is a photo-based platform (like Instagram).

  1. If you are creating photos for Instagram, then reusing the same content for Pinterest won’t take much extra effort.
  2. The 32% difference between Instagram and Pinterest shows some missed opportunity.

Average number of Facebook Likes for a restaurant is Calgary is 2,873,651. This is skewed by international chains. A typical Calgary restaurant has 1,589 Likes. 99 Restaurants in this report have 0 Facebook likes

Number of Facebook Post a Week

  • 4 posts – Top 50 Restaurants (eg. IHOP)
  • 5 posts – 51 – 100 Restaurants (eg. Laurier Lounge)
  • 3 posts – 101 – 150 Restaurants (eg. National on 10th)
  • 2 posts – 151 – 200 Restaurants (eg. Shanks Sports)
  • 1 post – 201 – 250 Restaurants (eg. Five Guys)

208 Calgary Restaurants did not post anything on Facebook
The top scoring restaurants in our report posted 4 times per week. Even though 83% of Calgary restaurants are on Facebook, 40% don’t use the platform.

Number of Twitter Followers

Top 50 restaurants average Twitter followers: 188,801
Average Calgary restaurants Twitter followers: 1,192
271 restaurants don’t have Twitter

Don’t worry if your restaurant doesn’t come close to 100,00 followers. Calgary has many national and international restaurants, so we separated most of them and came up with a local average of 1,192 followers


  • 34 Calgary restaurants have Pinterest
  • With an average of 997 Pinterest followers
  • 8 Average board per restaurant
  • 176 Average like per restaurant
  • 12 Average pin per restaurant

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