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Calgary Search Engine Optimization Services

We are so confident in our work, that we are one of the few Calgary SEO Companies that does not ask for a contract. With our SEO services, earning your business month-to-month is good enough for us.

Many Calgary business owners have only recently begun to realize the power of SEO. Having your business rank on the top of Google search listings can increase your revenue anywhere from 25% to 1000%, depending on where you currently rank. We have a very successful track record of improving the Google search rankings for Calgary businesses.

Calgary SEO services. Calgary Search Engine Optimization service.

Seeing results with SEO work tends to take between 1-3 months. Major moves such as going from page 2 on Google to #1 overall can take 6-12 months. Competition also plays a factor in results and those who wish to rank number one for searches, such as Calgary Realtor, need not only to be patient but to invest in regular and high quality content updates.

Calgary SEO Report

Here is an actual SEO report we deliver to our clients once a month. Our clients always know exactly what search terms we are ranking on the top of Google and what their website traffic looks like. We also set up a shared folder where more complete reports are loaded if our clients want to see more data.

calgary SEO report

Click the above SEO report to enlarge.

Introduction to SEO

Take five minutes to watch this video. Once you do, you will have a good understanding of how we approach Search Engine Optimization for your business.

SEO Success Stories

Here are a few of our many SEO success stories:

The Borger Group: Google Calgary Underground Construction Companies and you will find them near the top of the search listing. In 2012, when we started doing SEO for Borger, they were no higher than page six of any relevant search term. Today, Borger is on the first page for dozens of their most important search terms.

David Howse Marketing: Google Calgary Marketing Companies, and they too, are at the top of the Calgary listing for marketing companies.

Rocky Point Academy: Google Calgary Dyslexia and they have been number one on Google for a long time. As we built, we were able to engineer some of the most important Google search elements into the website. With our proprietary website design and off-site search work, the owners of this Calgary business continually thank us for making their phone ring with new business like never before.

Cawston and Associates: We have worked with Bill and Trevor Cawston since 2009. Our SEO work is responsible for growing their revenues by 400%. When it comes to relevant tax consultant lawyer or consultant work, they rule Calgary!


March 13, 2018 Update:

We now provide SEO servcies for these Calgary Businesses:

  • Boulder Creek Community Development
  • Heritage Hills Community Development
  • Metaphysical Center

November 26, 2016 Update: 

We also manage SEO services for:

  • TriView Capital
  • Rocky Point Academy was so happy with our search engine optimization work that they hired us to do SEO for their Calgary Autism website.
  • Bossi Construction has hired us to do SEO services for their four Calgary construction companies
  • Our own website, the one you are reading now, has the best Calgary SEO of all technology/marketing companies.

Of all Calgary SEO Companies, we strive to be the best.

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