Calgary SEO Referral Program

Our referral program is simple: You get a 10 percent life-time referral on all monthly work you refer to us. For example, our SEO starts at $750 per month; if you refer a Calgary business and we do SEO for them at that rate then we will pay you $75 ($750 x 10%) every month that business remains our client and pays us the contracted monthly fee.

There is no limit to how much we will pay you as a referral bonus – you get 10 percent of all monthly fees you refer.

Why are we doing this? An amazing sales person costs about $80,000 per year (salary, expenses, payroll tax, turn over, admin costs, management costs, etc). By giving you 10 percent we are simplifying our operations and tapping in to a resource we wouldn’t have otherwise.

What is the referral process?

  1. You should confirm with your lead that they are looking for our services. This contact should be a decision maker.
  2. Contact us by phone to confirm we can help your lead (you don’t have to share the name at this point). 
  3. Tell your contact about us and ask if you can set up a meeting between Matterhorn and them.
  4. Contact us by phone or email with the lead’s information (Full name, business name, website, services requested, and any additional questions we may have).
  5. We’ll set up a meeting with your lead.
  6. Once the deal closes, we or your contact/lead, will let you know the contracted services and price.
  7. 30 days after the lead’s (now our new client) first cheque clears we will send you your 25% referral bonus and continue payments for the life of the relationship. You must invoice us before we can make a payment to you.
  8. You have no other relationship in the process except to get paid.
  9. Call us at (403) 991-8863 or email to get started.

Please note, the referral bonus only applies to regular monthly services such as:

  1. SEO
  2. Social Media Management
  3. Pay-per-click / PPC / Google AdWords Management (there is not referral bonus on the portion paid to Google).

All other work will be paid at a 10% referral bonus. This work includes:

  1. Website Design
  2. Public Relations
  3. Logo Design
  4. Marketing Consulting
  5. One-time set-up fees

Other Conditions

The referral bonus is paid only on bank cleared payments by the client after 30 days of clearing. The bonus is paid only if the referral becomes a client and the client is in good standing with respect to past and current invoices to Matterhorn Business Solutions Inc. You, the referrer, will invoice Matterhorn Business Solutions Inc. each month for 10 percent as determined in the referral contract as summarized above. If Matterhorn Business Solutions Inc. ceases to operate then the referral program will end and a final referral payment will be made within 60 days of the client’s last payment so long as it is in good standing with respect to past and current invoices to Matterhorn Business Solutions Inc.

All parties must be incorporated in Alberta, be Canadian citizens, and accept payments to Canadian banks.

Matterhorn Business Solutions may, at its sole digression, (1) close this program to future referrals (2) terminate the services of a referral/client and thereby ending the referral bonus and future referral payments. (3) refuse to conduct business or provide services to any referral for any reason.