Easy Solutions to Common Tech Support Problems

Easy Solutions to Common Tech Support Problems


There are some common computer problems that anybody can solve without having much technical knowledge. You don’t need to take help from a Calgary tech support expert each and every time you face a technical issue on your PC. Many times, you can fix a problem yourself in just a few minutes, if not in a few seconds. This article shows you how.

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Fix a slow computer

Uninstall unnecessary programs. The first thing that you should try is to uninstall unnecessary programs. The more programs you install, the more space they occupy in the RAM. If your RAM is almost full, your PC will become very slow. So free up the RAM by uninstalling unwanted programs.

Choose small, lightweight programs. Whenever possible, choose programs that are small in size. Large programs take up a big amount of RAM space and slow down the PC.


Clean up your disks. To clean up your disks, go to ‘Control Panel’. Click ‘Performance Information and Tools’. Click ‘Open disk cleanup’ and then select a drive to start the cleanup process. Disk cleanup is safe to use. It deletes unnecessary junk files, histories, temporary files, etc.

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Defragment your disks. To defragment your disks, go to ‘Control Panel’. Click ‘Performance Information and Tools’. Then click ‘Advanced tools’ and then click ‘Open Disk Defragmenter’ and defragment the disks to speed up your PC.

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Free up the system drive. If the drive where Windows is installed is almost full, your computer will become very slow. So try to free up space on the system drive as much as you can. If you have files in the ‘Documents’ or in the ‘Downloads’ folder on the system drive, move them to other drives.


Disable unnecessary startup programs

It is very annoying when so many programs start running when Windows starts. The startup programs slow down the PC and unless you close them, they prevent you from starting your work, because opening new programs will probably hang up the system or make your PC far slower.

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To stop a program from running at the startup, click on the ‘Start’ button, then type “msconfig” to open the msconfig.exe program. Then uncheck the programs that you don’t want at the startup.



Speed up Chrome

If Chrome’s performance is low, disable unnecessary extensions and plugins, remove web apps that you don’t use, exit other Windows programs and close unnecessary browser tabs.


Improve download speed

If it takes longer to download a file than it should, stop anything that is using the Internet. For example, remove browser extensions, close browser tabs, and exit any programs that are eating up the speed.


Fix a browser that shows too many ads

If you notice that your browser’s space has been occupied by many unwanted ads, then most likely a Chrome extension or Windows software is causing the problem. Find the extension and software that might cause the issue and remove them.

So if you face any of these problems, try to solve them on your own using the tips mentioned in this article, and save yourself some money.