Calgary Workflow Automation Services

Calgary Workflow Automation Services

Increase your team’s productivity. Reduce your admin costs.

Your Competitive Advantage

The familiar theme embedded in workflow management is that competitive success depends on maximizing the amount of value created for customers, while using the minimal amount of resources. Many Calgary managers do not realize the amount of redundant activities in their employees’ day.

On-boarding and off-boarding employees can see a 50 – 60% reduction in admin time with workflow automation.

A simple example: Workflow automation systems need not be expensive. Automating Excel, multiple Outlook email accounts, and standard accounting and HR software, can be done for well under $10,000 but resulting in over $25,000 in labour cost savings per year. The larger your operation, the . greater your efficiency and savings.

Most Calgary businesses have multiple opportunities to save money.

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Powerful Transformation

Today’s businesses are built on dozens of software and data platforms. These platforms are crucial for your business, but managing them often becomes a nightmare. Our team is able to manage, develop, integrate, and automate your technology investments so that your technology is always working for you.

  • Time Savings: Information gets entered in one place and your new automation process updates all other systems.
  • Efficiency: Forms and procedures needing multiple-person input is automatically delivered and updated through the entire process. Human delays are minimized.

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Process Automation

Workflow automation uses software to control software—thus eliminating repetitive tasks, gaining efficiency, minimizing errors and reducing costs.

Remove the Human Element

Keep your employees focused on what they do best by relieving them of time and money wasting admin tasks.

Increase Productivity

With your employees spending less time on repetitive, error prone admin functions their contribution to your bottom line will increase.

Expand Capabilities

With less time spent on admin, your team can be assigned new tasks thus reducing the need for additional employees.

Stay Competitive

Lower labour costs can enable you to attract new clients with better prices or expand what you do with existing clients.