Protect Your Eyes from Computer Displays

Control Your Computer Display to Protect Your Eyes


Sitting in front of the computer screen for a prolonged period of time can be very painful. If you work on the computer on a regular basis, you’re probably experiencing dry eyes, eye strain or eye irritation.

A study done by the Vision Council in 2014 says that nearly 70% of adults in the U.S. suffer from eye strain caused by computer, tablet and mobile screens.

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If your employees feel uncomfortable at work due to computer eye fatigue, they will undoubtedly become unproductive, which is a great loss for your business.

So whether you are the owner of a small- or  medium-sized business, it’s very necessary to provide your employees a comfortable work environment.

So what is the right solution? What are the options? Do you want to spend money on expensive eye care products and services? The good news is that there are many free tools that can prevent eye damage in a fascinating way.

There are hundreds of eye care tools available on the Internet. But which are the best? I don’t want to overwhelm you with a long list. Rather, I just want to talk about two free tools – f.lux and ScreenShader. I have personally found both of them extremely useful.

F.lux, an amazing Windows application
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F.lux is a very lightweight Windows program that is totally free of cost. It automatically adjusts the color and warmth of the computer screen according to the time of the day and eliminates the harmful blue light of the screen. You can download f.lux from here:

You can change the amount of lighting from settings. But if you have provided your location in this software, you don’t need to do anything. It will work automatically and will give you what is best for you. You can set your location from settings.

When you are working on something that requires you to clearly identify colors, disable this software. The software gives you many useful options to disable it. But if necessary, exit the program from system tray to completely disable it.


ScreenShader, an awesome Chrome extension
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ScreenShader is a great Chrome extension for eye care which you can use free of cost. This extension gives you a soothing browsing experience through a shade effect. It can be downloaded from this link:


ScreenShader automatically adjusts the color temperature to give you a comfortable browsing experience. The default color is orange. You can change it to what you like. By default, the darkness level is at the minimum. If you want to have a different soothing experience, increase the darkness level using the slider as shown in the screenshot below.

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ScreenShader gives you many useful options for your advantage. To mention one of them, you can set different shades for different websites.

To conclude, if you are concerned about your employees’ eye health and their productivity, install both tools. You can achieve great results when you use both of these tools simultaneously. The Chrome extension will be useful at the time of browsing whereas the Windows application can be helpful at the time of offline work.