Choosing a Computer Support Company in Calgary

7 reasons why your business needs an IT support company


Many business owners think that they don’t need an IT support company to help them. Sometimes, and especially in 2015 and 2016 in Calgary, managers are cutting expenses and rolling the dice by reducing I.T. expenses. Other managers just aren’t sure what I.T. services they need and are operating in the dark.
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If you think that you don’t need IT support for your business, ask yourself the following questions.


  • How many computers will you have to fix? Do you have the time?
  • How many problems can you solve? Do you have the knowledge?
  • Do your office employees have the time to fix computer problems? Shouldn’t they focus on the actual work?
  • If you have a friend or neighbor who is a computer geek, can he/she help you whenever you need help?


This article gives you the best reasons why you should have the support of a reputable Calgary IT company. You many find this helpful in choosing a computer support company in Calgary.


  1. You need high-quality, professional help

If you’re running a company, you need high-quality, professional help to solve your PC problems, and you can get it only from a tech support company because the staff at a tech support company are well trained. They have the right knowledge, skills and experience required to solve computer problems.


  1. It’s crucial to improve PC security

Security is very important because hackers can steal your important files, viruses can damage your data and programs, and malicious programs can make your computers unstable. Therefore, you need good anti-virus services and other security services that you can get from an IT support company. See this Calgary Tech Support story on Malware.


  1. Your PCs need regular maintenance

You need to update programs and the operating system regularly. You may need to install new programs when necessary. You may also need to uninstall unnecessary programs. Sometimes, you need to check your PC’s performance. Who will do all these tasks on all of your computers? An IT support company can look after your computers very well.


  1. An IT support company will boost your productivity

If you have an IT support company to fix technical issues, you and your employees don’t need to waste time trying to solve these problems. Instead, you and your employees can focus on the actual work of your business. You can instead get things done for your business in a timely manner. A tech support company can significantly increase you and your employees’ productivity. The cost of down-time can be very high,

The failure of the Marysville Data Centre in June cost the province an estimated $1.6 million in lost productivity and recovery, according to a new government report. – CBC article on a 2014 Ernst and Young Report


  1. You probably can’t solve all problems

Even if you think that you have the time to fix tech support issues, do you have enough technical knowledge? Can you find good solutions to all of the problems? The answer is probably no because logically speaking, a well-trained, professional tech support team who solves hundreds or thousands of computer problems every day can definitely give you better support.


  1. Help-desk and remote assistance will give you instant support

There are many situations when you need help instantly. For example, if a program or piece of hardware is not working on your computer and if you need that thing to be able to continue working, instant support is necessary. A tech support company can help you instantly through their help-desk and or remote assistance. They can solve your computer problems from their own computers from their office.


  1. An IT support company will enable your employees to work happily

If your computers are regularly maintained and if the computer problems are fixed as soon as they are found, your employees will be able to focus on their actual work. Therefore, they can work happily without having to try to fix tech support issues themselves.