Data Visualization and Analytics

Data Visualization and Analytics

Data Visualization and AnalyticsCalgary Data Analytics

In recent years, powerful data visualization tools have been made available to all levels of business, not just the big corporations that could afford the expensive price tag.

Harnessing the vital business metrics that you have identified, Matterhorn Business Solutions has the capability to develop rich, useful dashboards which can help you easily answer the questions that you frequently ask. These dashboards can be delivered within days, and allow you the unrestricted access to analyze both snapshots in history as well as real time metrics.

Customer facing dashboards and visualizations can also be created which you can add to your website or promotional material.

To get the maximum value from these Data Analytics dashboards, Matterhorn Business Solutions also offers training on how to dig into the data yourself and create “ad-hoc” visualizations to answer specific questions that could come up at any time.

Calgary AnalyticsWe believe in the value of Enablement, meaning that technology should enable and enhance business capabilities. Data Visualization and Analytic tools are the ultimate expression of this value because they enable us to answer our own questions, whenever and wherever we ask them. Adding data to the intuition that you already have, gives you an awareness and confidence in your business which you may not have experienced thus far.

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