Hottest IT Skills 2016 2017

IT Career Growth in for Calgary IT Jobs

As information technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, the demands of IT skills have increased. As a result, more IT professionals are needed to meet the needs of IT companies around the world.

But what are the most demanding IT skills for 2016? This article gives you a list of top 7 IT skills in 2016 for Calgary IT jobs.

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Big data and cloud

Although the field of big data and the cloud is relatively new, skills of big data and the cloud are hugely popular. Businesses all over the world are adopting big data and cloud technologies. As a result, employees having sound knowledge of these technologies are needed to meet the needs of businesses. More on Big Data.


Web development

In this modern age, almost every business needs a website. Having an online presence has become very essential. This is why companies need more web developers than before. To master web development, one has to learn many languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, PHP, SQL, and so on.


Mobile app development

This is the age of mobile. In many cases, having just a website is not sufficient. A company also needs to have a mobile app to grow their business as mobile phones are used more than PCs and laptops nowadays. Companies need to develop mobile apps for their products and services to reach a big portion of their target audience.


Project management

Skilled project managers play a vital role in helping employees complete projects successfully. They provide direction to employees. Responsibilities of a project manager include scheduling, planning, staffing, motivating employees, and so on. In simple words, a project manager enables the employees to work in a very systematic manner.


Technical support

At every company, employees work on computers. While working on computers, employees face technical issues such as security issues, network management problems or basic computer problems. If the employees themselves try to fix these problems, they will waste a lot of time in doing so and this results in a loss for the business. So a tech support company can save the time and effort of the employees by providing good IT support to them.


Internet marketing

Internet marketing is another top skill for 2016. Internet marketers are in high demand because they can help business owners reach their target audience very effectively.


Database administration

Database administration is one of the hottest IT skills for 2016. Although this skill is discussed at the end of this article, it is undoubtedly a very demanding, valued and popular IT skill for this year because websites, mobile apps, and software applications have databases that need to be maintained. To look after the databases in a company, people who are skilled with database administration are needed. Click for a full description of a database administrator.


To conclude, these are the hottest tech skills for 2016. Those who have mastered one or more of these skills are in a great position in their career and can get placed with good salaries at various IT companies all over the world. They also have a great opportunity to sell their services online, through freelancing sites, for Calgary IT jobs.