How to get better tech support

How to get better tech support


Whenever you face a technical issue, you probably call the tech support. But do you really get good help from the people at tech support? It’s a very common complaint from people that they do not get good technical support. Eric Griffith, an author of PC Magazine, stressed enough in his article titled “Is Tech Support Getting Worse?” dated 16th October, 2007 that tech support is becoming worse.
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Samara Lynn, another author of PC Magazine said in her article titled “ISP Tech Support Isn’t Good Enough” in November 2012 that ISP technicians should work on their skills. She also stressed that the ISP guys should be paid well.

But despite this situation, you can get good help if you can talk to the support associates in an intelligent way. You just need to know some techniques.

Before making the call, keep the following tips in mind to get better tech support.


Relax yourself

If you do not get good help, it’s very normal to become angry. But being angry won’t solve your problem. So the first thing you should do is relax and explain the problem to the tech support associate very patiently.


Take a closer look at the problem

If you want a good solution, understand exactly what has happened. Try to have a very good understanding of the problem so that you can explain it to the tech support associate very well. The better he/she understands the problem, the better solution you’ll get.


Keep all the details in front of you

Before you make the call, keep all the necessary information in front of you so that you can give the information to the tech support associate when required, such as error messages and other details that will help you get a good solution.


Explain your problem in a concise manner

Explain your problem in the best way possible. A short explanation is always better because they may get confused by long explanations. Explain what has actually happened, and answer what they ask you, but do not tell them how to solve the problem.


Take notes

While talking to the customer support associate, write down the important points or steps so that you don’t forget them after the conversation is over. So while calling, have a pen and paper close by or have a notepad document open.

In short, if you want to get better help from the tech support people, understand the problem very well. Then be relaxed and explain your problems in a concise manner. While having the conversation, keep the necessary information in front of you and take notes. Remember that a good understanding of the issue is crucial for you.

This article talked about how to get better help from tech support associates. Next time you call the tech support, use the tips mentioned in this post. We hope you’ll get better support next time.