Our Offer

Your business is different. Most are. Sure, maybe you have the same accounting, bookkeeping, human resource, and marketing processes as most other businesses – and there are hard drives filled up with commercial software to address those needs.

But what about the one or two processes that really set your business apart. Perhaps it’s the process that gives you your unique edge in your market segment. Or maybe it’s a standard process with a twist that suits your model. In any case, it is unlikely that you will find “off-the-shelf” software which performs the process exactly as you envision it.

Option #1
Hire a developer to build a large, custom application from scratch which is deployed on some hosting provider somewhere whose name (and five passwords) you won’t ever remember. Pay this developer a small fortune, thank him for his time, and try and call him again in three years when you need to make changes.

Option #2
Work with us to break down your processes into individual “services” which can be rapidly developed into functioning capabilities that you can take advantage of immediately. We design them, build them, host them, and monitor them. Because of the way we design and build these services, it’s very easy for us to go back and update them with changes as you tweak your overall process. Because we host these services, we are able to actively monitor them and respond quickly in case of an emergency or failure. And best of all, because of the way our pricing model works, you only pay for these services when you’re using them!

You already know that We Believe technology should enable and enhance your business capabilities, should be forgettable, and should cost (much) less than its human counterpart. We challenge you to put us to the test.