Q and A with David Howse

Q and A with David Howse

The following questions were taken from a consulting conversation between our Sales Manager and David Howse regarding a prospective client. David’s answers, however, may shock some, but David prefers to work with business owners who value results and don’t want to get bogged down with the nitty gritty.
How much of your work is outsourced? How do you maintain its quality?
It’s rare for us to outsource. They can meet Sarah and Roxann any time. Including Natascia, we are a team of 4 marketers and designers. If I look at our annual labour expenses, less than 2% leaves Alberta. I maintain all quality. Ask Sarah and Roxann… they get upset sometimes with how picky I am.
Would campaigns be managed by tools or real people (or real people using primarily tools)?
People and People using tools. I set strategies, and the team executes.
How much time will a real person spend reviewing and optimizing my marketing each month? (Specifically, for each service we are looking for SEO, SEM, etc.)
That’s difficult to answer. A lot up front. If a client leaves us in less than 3 months we definitely lose money. It’s a lot of work to understand a website and its ranking potential to ensure ranking improves or stays strong month over month.
What kind of experience does your team have? (specifically, the people that would be overseeing our SEO & SEM).
I have been doing this since 2008 and teach it at Mount Royal University. I have trained my team personally. They are only allowed to follow a plan and cannot run their own experiments on a client’s SEO.

Where have individuals worked before?

Not relevant.

Who would be my point of contact and how would we communicate?

Natascia, for anything general. Roxann and Sarah, for web design, content, and social media, Roxann for SEO, and if anything complicated needs explaining, then me (David).

What KPIs do you track and how do you measure them?

Your total sales, if you are willing to share it. The % from new business is more helpful. Total monthly client enquiries are great too. These could be correlated to digital KPIs like visits to site, time on site, specific page visits.
How do you determine what you would charge me? (Help me understand if it’s based on hours, cost plus or value based?)
Effort x value factor.
Can you provide case studies and testimonials from previous or current clients that had objectives similar is size and/or scope to what we are looking for?
No. I’m getting a sense that this client will be a pain in the ass. We protect our client’s data, what works and does not work. Ask him to visit our website and go from there. Tell him to watch our In the News page.
Can you provide me with examples of clients who you delivered mediocre results for but are loyal to you?
Can you provide me examples of clients you delivered stellar results for but who quit?Why did they leave?
Would our partnership be exclusive? What happens if competitors want to work with you?
It depends on the specific search queries you want and if you are a pain in the ass or easy to work with.
Who owns all of the marketing assets you would be generating?
It depends. Some us and some you. 
What are the biggest successes and failures your agency has had?
Really? Is this guy writing for the Calgary Herald?
What would happen in the next 30 to 90 days if we signed off on an agreement next week?
We work for you … there’s no secret.
Which tools does your agency use and why?
That’s a trade secret.
What results do you guarantee?
To cash your cheque.
If you had to offer only 1 of your many service/solutions which one would that be?
Cheque cashing.

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