Apr 29 2021


Shop Space for Rent

Many industrial companies in the US and Canada have only thought of their shop space for internal use. These expensive assets tend to be used for heavy equipment and machine repairs but often, owners are leaving money on the table. A new website just launched that serves the Shop Space for Rent market.  Shopspace4rent.com touts itself as the one stop shop for industrial space owners and those seeking additional shop space.
shop space for rent Let’s face it, most businesses have a seasonal component and during slow times, renting unused space can be a great source of additional revenue. In the same way, other businesses may be experiencing an unexpected busy period or simply not have the need for a full time shop. ShopSpace4Rent.com was designed to meet the needs of owners and renters alike. 

Just look at the ways ShopSpace4Rent allows users to both categorize and filter a shop search.

Minimum Term of Rental
by the hour
by the month
by the week
by the year
longer than 1 year

Minimum Shop Space Independence
Shared with privacy and/or security dividers
Separate building

Minimum Bay Size
Less than 20×40
20×41 to 30×50
30×51 to 30×80
Double Bay Option (Length)
Triple Bay Option (Length)

Minimum Number of Bays Required
1 bay
2-3 bays
4-5 bays
>5 bays

Minimum Door Size
Less than 16 wide/24 high
16 wide/24 high
20 wide/24 high
24×24 feet
>24×24 feet

Minimum Overhead Crane Capacity
10 ton
15 ton
20 ton
>20 ton

0/40 Engine Oil / Hydraulic Oil
50/50 Antifreeze
80W90 Gear Oil
DEF Fluid
THF1000 DIF Oil
Transmission Oil Type 30

Equipment Staging and Parking
0-1 acres for terms of bay rental
1-3 acres for terms of bay rental
3-5 acres for terms of bay rental

Transportation Services Available

Extras Required
Air Tool Connection
Automatic Air Exchange System
CVIP services
E/VAC for waste oil
Exhaust Snorkels
Grease (EP1)
Hoist / Vehicle Lift
Parts Storage
C-Can: Heated/in bay
C-Can: Outdoors
Shop Parts Room
C-Can allowed to be relocated to another site

Painting Bay
Available for use
For hire only

Offices and Amenities
Indoor Washrooms Provided
Lunch Room
Shop Office Provided

Shop Safety
Emergency Showers
Eye Wash Stations
Required Sign-In and Sign-Out
Site Specific Training

PPE Required
Hard Hat
Hearing Protection
Steel Toe Boots

Industrial Marketing

In terms of industrial marketing, ShopSpace4Rent fills a niche category for owners of large industrial buildings designed for heavy equipment and machine repair. The above list of filtering options shows the level of marketing services that may be required for renters.

The Benefits of Renting a Shop Space

If you want to own an industrial business, then having a decent shop space is important. A shop space is a strong determinant if your business will succeed or not. If your products and services are reliant on location then the shop space must be accessible.

However, not all of us do have the capacity to buy a property particularly a lot for a shop space. They are expensive and require a huge investment.

So the primary solution is to rent a shop space. This will reduce costs in setting up your business.

In this article, we will have a rundown of the benefits of renting rather than buying a space. Let’s not delay it anymore by starting with the first one.

  • Saves time: By not building your shop space from scratch, you can save a lot of time and effort. The saved resources can be allotted to other things that are all beneficial for your upcoming enterprise.
  • You can easily get in and out: In case that your business did not materialize for a year or two, you can cut your losses easily. Most especially, if you do not have a lock-in contract it makes it more advantageous for you. You can easily transfer the location of your shop whenever it is necessary.
  • You’ll have a dedicated space for your business: You’ll be able to concentrate more on your business if you have your very own space. This will give you chances of making it big in the industry that you have chosen.

What to do to find a shop space easily?

Regarding that, shopspace4rent.com is the website that you must utilize. It has a huge collection of shop spaces that are available for rent. The good thing is you can filter the categories up to find the one suitable for your needs.

You can find a shop space for rent easily using the following factors:

  • Location
  • Price
  • Type
  • Dates

There are too many to mention. The bottom line is, with the user-friendly and feature-packed website, finding a shop space for rent became easier than it was before.



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