Social Media Marketing Companies

When choosing from various social media marketing companies in Calgary it is very important:

  1. to choose one with a good track record of managing social media for other Calgary businesses
  2. to have someone working for you who has a strong understanding of social media
  3. that that person also have a strong understanding of your business, its culture, and its objectives.

When working with Matterhorn Business Solutions, you will be working with David Howse. Who is David Howse? See below.

Calgary social media marketing expert

David Howse has worked in social media marketing since 2008. When Facebook marketing was all about tiny thumbnail ads and setting up Facebook “groups” for businesses, David was busy helping many businesses achieve success in social media.

In 2014, David began teaching Social Media Marketing at Mount Royal University (see his profile and course information here). David has taught 14 classes at MRU and has guest lectured for other instructors. David has been interviewed in the media numerous times as a subject matter expert. See David’s latest interview below with Global TV Calgary.

Calgary social media marketing companies. David Howse in the news.