Social Media Marketing Proposal

If you look at our Social Media Marketing Services page, you’d see four tiers of service. These tiers are not set in stone and only serve as a conversation starter with prospective clients.  Below lists and describes the framework of a typical social media marketing proposal that we would present to a prospective Calgary business. The budget of $1500 per month sets the service level

Calgary social media marketing services company and social media training



Introduction: Based on our initial conversation … for this example, I removed the name of the business and replaced it with “Calgary business.”

Research: Before a social media marketing strategy is formed, it is important to gather accurate market research. In our conversation, it was noted that Calgary business is running Google Analytics and Google Ads. If configured correctly, these two platforms contain valuable information to help direct your social media strategy as they hold data of what and how prospective clients are searching for your service. Another important set of data to guide the social media strategy is past sales data, obviously this creates a picture of who your current clients are and help create a look-a-like audience. Finally, your company mission statement will help ensure the social media strategy is in alignment with your future expectations.

Upon start of the proposed social media services, the above noted information will be requested.

Objective Setting: Together, both parties will decide what the benchmarks will be to measure success; and what metrics will be measured for those benchmarks. For example, an increase in sales of 10% over the next three months may be possible but can that be achieved by increased Facebook followers? Facebook click-throughs to the website? Does poor website UX hurt sales? Connecting metrics to outcomes is important but may not be knowable until a few months into the campaign.

The following is a checklist of expected service options.


  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Messaging (the content): as guided by the Research section. Matterhorn will provide suggested messaging. Calgary business is responsible to approving or editing messaging in a timely manner.

Creative: the aesthetics of the content. Visual content achieves significantly better results that text content. It is therefore important to have 100 or so pre-selected images that reinforce the messaging. Calgary business will supply these images or for about $300, Matterhorn will purchase the rights to images to be used.

Post Frequency: Post frequency is dependent on two things, (1) the platform and audience expectations and (2) the budget. Our initial phone call noted a budget of about $1200 per month. Under such a budget a post frequency scenario could be:

  • Facebook – four per week
  • LinkedIn – two per week
  • Twitter – 21 times per week
  • Instagram – four per week

All platforms would contain the same messaging and content but formatted for the platform. [as a side note to this proposal, the client is purely B2C]

Community Engagement: Responding to comments would occur on the same business day of the post or comment. Following other companies and engaging in reciprocal post engagement would occur on a weekly basis.

Post Promotion: To ensure revenue, social media platforms hold back on content engagement, even within your own group of followers, to motivate companies to “pay to play.” This proposal would include the set up and management, but not the ad budget, of a monthly paid social media advertising campaign.

Reporting: A social media report will be provided once per month.

Collaboration: Google Drive will be used where a suggested content calendar will be created and Calgary business will provide final signoff on posts.

Authority: Calgary business maintains control and responsibility of all content posted but, at any time, may allow Matterhorn creative control and the ability post at will; this may be an easier management style and reduce time consuming micromanagement.


  • Social Media Set-up (initial research and creative capped at 10 hours)…. $700.00
  • Social Media Management (monthly)……………………………………………….. $1500.00
  • Total First Month:………………………………………………………………………… $2200.00
  • Total Subsequent Months:…………………………………………………………….. $1500.00

Delivery Time: Project can start within 2 business days of agreement.

How to start:

  • Payment of the first month’s fee.
  • Required logins and passwords (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram,)
  • Delivery of Google Ad and Analytics data (via “view” account level sign-in)
  • Sales summary report
  • Mission statement or similar marketing goal statement.