“With a very tight window between our initial meeting and the day of our media event [the opening of Century Downs Racetrack & Casino], David was critical in attracting attention within the Calgary media (and beyond) . In addition, his assistance before, during and after the event was professional, timely, and comprehensive. Our media event was a great success as a result.”

SEO agency customer reviews

Paul Ryneveld

General Manager
World Professional
Chuckwagon Association

“Matterhorn Business Solutions has helped our company become more profitable. They built us two mobile friendly websites and provided SEO services that have significantly increased our bookings. We have worked with David at Matterhorn Solutions since 2014 and without hesitation I would recommend him to other Calgary businesses. Matterhorn is an extremely trustworthy and competent company when it comes to marketing services.”

marketing agency customer reviews

Larry & Stacy Smith

Rocky Point Academy

“Our relationship started with David Howse in 2011 using his incredible marketing and PR skills. Matterhorn became a game changer for us in the construction industry.”

SEO agency customer reviews

Bill Borger

Borger Group of Companies

“Matterhorn is an excellent company to work with.“

SEO agency customer reviews

Don Barrineau

President, Mattamy Homes

"I would highly recommend David and his team to any organization that is looking for talented marketing.”

marketing agency customer reviews

Alicia Bolton, CEO

Outsource HR

“David is an exceptional marketer. I've used his services for over 3 years and I can confidently say that his SEO knowledge and expertise is first-class.”

marketing agency customer reviews

Jaime Rasmussen


“In 2022, we selected Matterhorn to develop a feasibility study for our organization.  We worked closely with David Howse who facilitated every aspect of the process. The project was incredibly well executed and I can’t say enough for his technical and organizational skills. Two years later, in 2024, he reached out to see how our applications were going. It was good timing because we needed an extra two years added to the financials and David completed the request immediately. David Howse at Matterhorn is a highly competent and professional business consultant. You wouldn’t go wrong selecting Matterhorn for your next business plan or feasibility project”
– Michael Koehler, Fund Development, High River Performing Arts Foundation

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“David has helped Vizzn grow our presence in the heavy construction marketplace. He has been there from the start to assure we are taking the right steps to reach our audience. David is accessible, responsive and keenly aware of our business needs and objectives.”

SEO agency customer reviews
Craig FussCMO, Vizzn<br> Chicago, Illinois

“David is a creative genius, there’s no doubt about that! We started working with David back in May of 2007. Since those early days, he has easily 10x'd our revenue.”

SEO agency customer reviews
Trevor CawstonPresident, Cawston & Associates

"David Howse is a Marketing Rock Star! I had an important project, the 100for100.me campaign, that needed not only a marketing expert but someone who could take all the assets of the campaign and put a plan behind them, implement a strategy, and finally work with me to take care all the tactical aspects – and all in 14 days! Not only did David do it all he did most of it while we sat together in our meetings. I would explain a concept and before I knew it he would say, “you mean this?” then turn his computer toward me and everything I wanted was ready to go. He can take an idea and turn it in to a story in seconds which may turn in to what your website menu needs to be, how you will communicate with your clients, or even a full blown story printed in the Calgary Herald. By the time the Herald article happened I was getting used to being amazed by David.
As a business owner you have these choices, do it yourself and never know better, hire a big marketing firm that will eat your whole operations budget, hire someone who calls themselves a “marketer” and delivers anything but quality marketing, or hire David Howse and get a service that no marketing company can give at a price that is truly an investment in your own future. It’s simple, just call David."

marketing agency customer reviews
Andrea KladarPrivate Client Adviser, Private Client Group at Fisher Investments