What is a Cyber-Attack?

What is a Cyber-Attack?

how to prevent cyber attacks

A cyber-attack is an illegal attack that can happen to businesses or people who do not protect their computer systems/software from malicious intent. If businesses do not take preemptive measures to safe guard their security, many businesses may be victim to extortion, critical data loss, and theft with severe financial ramifications. In the end, this can be very expensive for business that will then need to repair the damage. Security often involves hiring someone to install additional intruder detection systems in their networks. Though hiring an IT company may seem like a no brainer for established businesses, some smaller companies neglect this fine detail and they become easier targets for cyber-attacks.

4 tips to prevent cyber-attacks

  • Install computer security patches in a timely manner.
  • Create strong passwords changed regularly.
  • Hire an IT company with experience in detecting and preventing cyber-attacks.
  • Implement a training program to teach your team how to detect phishing attempts and other email scams.

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